Month: February, 2016

A Victim of Elitism

Oh, here?
No one visits us here.
I know that they think that we’re not worth the journey,
and that we have to be the ones to visit them.
It’s stupid, really.
Completely unfair.
The higher ups (at least in their eyes), will lift everyone there is to lift as long as they stand on their level.
Anyone beneath them, they disregard.
Your pride is another slap to the face that we’re not good enough to be where you all are.

Selfish at the least,
a pseudo-intellectual feast.
I have every right to detest
if this is what our country calls “best.”


Out there, aren’t those virtuous souls who are wishing me well? Come, I’ve got a pillow over my mouth, they won’t hear me, they’re ghosts. Besides, no one ever thinks of others. Don’t come near me. I smell of heresy, that’s for sure.

Hellish Night by Arthur Rimbaud

POETRY QUEEN (An Ode to Waltz Disney #2)

Some people call me Poetry Queen.
Say otherwise and I’ll rip out your spleen.
Poets are deemed to be legal killers.
Words from the heart, don’t give a shit if it hurts.

Medusa’s eyes are nothing to mine.
She stones people while I break your spine.
Love is not a thing to be messed with.
Love love, give love, because love is a gift.

Love is a gift.
If it’s not, it’s a myth.

Mona Miss-ya (An Ode to Waltz Disney)

Your face, so plain, so inexplicably vague.
These walls, so tall, they’re starting to fall.
I wonder if it’s just me feeling blue.
So blue, so blue, I have failed to see truth.

Your face, so strange;
are you a boy or a girl?
These days, these days, love is like a blur.
Woman or man, love all that you can.
Girl-girl, boy-boy, woman and a man.

Again and again, love all that you can.
Love all while you can.