by Viktor Tejada

“…come on, dude. You’ve jumped places in greater heights back in your parkour days. You were twelve then, man. Twelve! You’re older now! It wouldn’t hurt as much as it did before. You’re a bigger boy now, kiddo! A little jump wouldn’t hurt ya.”

“Shut up. I haven’t even jumped yet but I already feel like I’ve fallen from a twenty-seven storey building.”

“Twenty-seven, huh? Very specific. Do you play some music? Did you place a white lighter inside your pocket already?”

“I’m still too young for that shit. I’m just eighteen.”

“Hmm, no bother. Starting out early wouldn’t hurt. Besides, maybe jumping two floors ain’t so bad as you think, son.

“Maybe, but there are still things I value in this world and there are still people I hold dear. You know, I may be hurting but I’m not giving up.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, kid. In time, every single thing you’re keeping close to yourself will vanish and it will destroy your soul. I’ve seen various cases like this and it doesn’t really end well. Heck, nothing ever ends well. But don’t you worry about the mess your corpse will be leaving though, I enjoy cleaning those things up. Hu-hah, tongue oooouuuuut!”

“Shut it, Death. I’m very much aware of everything you just said. Just because everything will come to an end doesn’t mean I should give up already. I’ve already wasted too much time searching for it. And now that I have found it, I managed to ruin its original form. No bother though, I may not have been here since the beginning but I’ll sure as hell be here till the end to fix what I may have damaged and keep it alive and well until our very last breaths.”

“Hmm, what?! Uhhh, I wasn’t really listening. I fell asleep during your boring-ass speech. You know what? Fiiiiiiine. I’ll let ya slide for now. Go forth and love blah blah blah I forgot how it went. Kill ya soon, bud! Don’t make it reach to ‘-if all else fails.’”