by Viktor Tejada

There are many things in life that even up to now, I still cannot fathom.
I think I move too quickly, and I know that the faster I move, a paradox will occur.
A science that is way beyond me.

Of course I want my mother alive, but in this timeline, she can’t.
Because there are just way too many things to consider, way too many lives at stake.
That is why I move and I move.
I move so fast that everything seems to be happening in slow motion.
I do all the things possible in this slow paced fast paced life that I possess.
A truth that is way beyond me.

And then I stop moving.
I take a look at what has happened.
Everything has happened, and it has only been roughly four seconds.

I may have helped so many along the way,
and I may have also ruined some in the process.
And I gotta tell you, it is not easy being Barry Allen.
Because sometimes it’s either your speed cannot keep up with your expectations,
or you cannot keep up with your speed.
A strength that is way beyond me.

The Flash’s speed could be his very weakness
along with time,
and understanding.
Though in due time, you will understand.
That with time, you can achieve almost everything –
and that could be a dangerous thing.
So manage your time,
and control one’s speed.
And always remember that speed alone will not suffice if there is no time.

Be careful on your quest, young Bart!
Now run and achieve things that are way beyond me.