Devil’s Tooth (Some Devils Have Hearts)

by Viktor Tejada

So many have wished for this, 
and here I am, letting sin consume me,
destroying all bliss.
Call me Satan, a fallen angel,
whose wings have burned
and it continues to burn.
Keep me away from you once,
and keep me away from you again.
I am trying to find my back to the shore,
although it seems like the scenery has changed.
The image has changed.
They say that all things have an explanation,
and I would like to think that the reason behind my protruding tooth is that I am part devil,
and part human,
ready to suck the life out of someone,
with someone being the few remaining pieces of humanness within me.

I am left with fire, the only thing I can control.
And it scares me more than it scares everybody else.
I just want to help,
but sometimes it’s just too late.
The bible states that He will one day bring fire on the earth and how he had wished it was already kindled.
A threat approaches,
a friend I am familiar with.
I know I am up against the Almighty,
and I am just a puny devil.
I might as well give it a go,
as it just might be my only shot at redemption to get me out of the fire
and revert me back to my pure fragile heart.