Month: March, 2015


There are many things in life that even up to now, I still cannot fathom.
I think I move too quickly, and I know that the faster I move, a paradox will occur.
A science that is way beyond me.

Of course I want my mother alive, but in this timeline, she can’t.
Because there are just way too many things to consider, way too many lives at stake.
That is why I move and I move.
I move so fast that everything seems to be happening in slow motion.
I do all the things possible in this slow paced fast paced life that I possess.
A truth that is way beyond me.

And then I stop moving.
I take a look at what has happened.
Everything has happened, and it has only been roughly four seconds.

I may have helped so many along the way,
and I may have also ruined some in the process.
And I gotta tell you, it is not easy being Barry Allen.
Because sometimes it’s either your speed cannot keep up with your expectations,
or you cannot keep up with your speed.
A strength that is way beyond me.

The Flash’s speed could be his very weakness
along with time,
and understanding.
Though in due time, you will understand.
That with time, you can achieve almost everything –
and that could be a dangerous thing.
So manage your time,
and control one’s speed.
And always remember that speed alone will not suffice if there is no time.

Be careful on your quest, young Bart!
Now run and achieve things that are way beyond me.


Devil’s Tooth (Some Devils Have Hearts)

So many have wished for this, 
and here I am, letting sin consume me,
destroying all bliss.
Call me Satan, a fallen angel,
whose wings have burned
and it continues to burn.
Keep me away from you once,
and keep me away from you again.
I am trying to find my back to the shore,
although it seems like the scenery has changed.
The image has changed.
They say that all things have an explanation,
and I would like to think that the reason behind my protruding tooth is that I am part devil,
and part human,
ready to suck the life out of someone,
with someone being the few remaining pieces of humanness within me.

I am left with fire, the only thing I can control.
And it scares me more than it scares everybody else.
I just want to help,
but sometimes it’s just too late.
The bible states that He will one day bring fire on the earth and how he had wished it was already kindled.
A threat approaches,
a friend I am familiar with.
I know I am up against the Almighty,
and I am just a puny devil.
I might as well give it a go,
as it just might be my only shot at redemption to get me out of the fire
and revert me back to my pure fragile heart.

Blue Green Nine

It all started out with an act.
She was a member of the drama club I recently became a part of.
She had long curly hair,
a pair of eyeglasses as big as her face,
and a giant blue green hoodie that hardly left her body.
She was beautiful, alright,
but I did not like her.

I was given the role called “The Doubtful”.
And boy, did I live up to its name.
Wondering if all of this was worth my time.
I would sit uncomfortably on the sides of our rehearsal room,
a freshman classroom,
wherein I would open my bag
and reach for my book.
The book was entitled “Nine Stories” by J.D. Salinger,
who was then a significant man in my life thanks to his pal Holden.
He is still significant even up to now.

A girl comes up to me and asks about the book.
I look up and see Oversized Blue Green Hoodie Without a Hood Girl.
Now, I’m not much of a talker,
but I tried my best and explained
through the words of an ardent-in-reading-yet-shy boy.
Obviously perplexed, she asks if she could read a couple pages.
I take a peek at the book and remembered the page I was on.
I take a good look at her and handed the book.
From the moment she held the book,
I had already forgotten the page where I left off.
She was beautiful, alright,
but I did not like her.

Now with nothing to read aside from my script, I rehearse.
The doubtful portrays The Doubtful,
like how morning turns to night,
like how you just blinked right now,
like how I am just being myself:

An angel whispers into my ear and tells me to look to my left.
Over-exaggerated you may say,
although I would like to believe that is what transpired.
So I look to the left and see Blue Green,
sitting at the corner of the room reading the book I had lent her,
probably engrossed to story number one,
focused at every word she encounters.
And here I am,
unfocused and surprisingly struggling with internal encounters.
She was beautiful, alright,
But I did not like her.

Although from that moment on,
I had a feeling that I could,
and I would.

We fast forward to today,
where we have spent most days talking to each other,
where we have captured moments with our eyes,
and stored the images in our hearts.
Where we have said our I love you’s to one another,
where we have given and received our art.
I can finally say that this is the opposite of how it began –
or where things began.
An act that brought me to the real,
and the real that brought me out of my act.
The doubtful doubted less and less,
until the doubtful stopped doubting altogether.
The real was beautiful, alright,
and I love her.

But then if I were to act again,
I would like to be J.D. Salinger.
And I would sit down,
grab a piece of paper,
and write about how I fell in love with Blue Green Nine.

This is my tenth story.