by Viktor Tejada

Your love could have literally been received by anyone else in this world
And yet you are here
Your heart may have skipped a billion beats not because of me, but because of someone else
And yet you are here
My negative energy that emanates within my very bones is the reason why I’m often left alone in this world
And yet you are here
This horrible aesthetic, evaded by many due to the lack of its attraction
And yet you are here

Why are you still here?
I am asking not because I want you to leave
I am asking because no one has ever stayed this long
To listen
To share
To give
To love
To live
And yet you are still here;
A juxtaposition of One and Nothing
With an overwhelming result of One and Something

You have given me eyes to see things in a different light
You have opened another verse- no, page- no, book in my life
And I can’t believe that all this time I kept mentioning I had good eyes

I cannot thank you enough
The thought of invisibility slowly fades into the depths of non-existence
With the sun slowly rising, I am reminded that I have another chance to return all that you have given me
Albeit with a voice like yours that pierces and stitches all of my wounds
And a smile that blinds my eyes only to give me a wider scope of perception
I do not think I can ever repay you with an equivalent perfection
But I will try my best
Know that I am always trying my best

I could be writing a poem about how much I love someone else right now
And yet I am here

Know that I am always here