The Answer

What are our mouths if we don’t use them at all?
And what will our thoughts be if we choose to hide what our brains see?
Are we selfish for doing this?
Or are we scared?
Regardless of what the answer may be, you have to speak up
Let your heart and voice meet
Speak not just with your mouth but also with your heart
Speak butterflies
No matter how many or how little there are in your body
Our god gave them wings to fly
And they won’t be able to if you keep them inside your stomach
Let these butterflies open their wings and fly to wherever their heart desires
Just like what you should be doing
All you have got to do is open your mouth and speak the truest of the truth
And I know this is not easy
Fear consumes us and makes us think of the worst things that could possibly happen
“What if she breaks up with me?”
“What if he says no?”
All cause we let our hearts do the talking
But what better way is it to live than to have an answer?
To have a definitive outcome show itself right before your eyes may it be good or bad
To be “you”
And to speak “you”
“You” is not your enemy, my friend
“You” is your answer
Only “You” can fill in these blanks
Yes, what if she did break up with you
And what if he did say no
All cause we let our hearts shut up
Do you think you’ll grow?