Month: August, 2014

Rattled Rat

The song finally plays the crowd stays
Every note sung by the singer he sang with grace
She enters the room and breaks their rhythm
Dissonance, he thought
Harmony disintegrated whenever she’s with him
Shitty eye to eye consistency
Incongruous minds that are far from lucidity
The singer goes up to her, leaving his band onstage
He kisses her passionately until she rips him like her terrible wage
The singer is on the ground now
Strong ass push, skull bits most likely scattered
Shitty eye to eye consistency
Incongruous minds that are far from lucidity
His heart is now shattered


Sweet Ordeal

Life is a wonderful thing
But then it is not easy
I give
And I give
I give until nothing is left of me
I say I don’t care about reciprocation
Yet I sort of do
I am going insane
Though I try my best not to show it
We ask for more
And more
And more
The real has been here all along,
Completely ignored

Forget about me when I’m dead and gone
But never forget the taste of truth I have given you
The bittersweet taste of the real
My bitterness for your love
And the sweetness of this ordeal