Month: July, 2014

Earth Today

Blessed be the blessed
And may the unblessed fuck off



I was a little boy
And he was an ardent Lego builder
With each piece in every structure of his having purpose
They were all sturdy – give it a drop test and the structure will stay intact
It’s as if the pieces used were brothers holding on to each other ever so tightly in order to keep the family alive and well
He was also a businessman
Jumping from one meeting to the other with me on board
Every meeting was an adventure,
I was always never bored
He was also a pseudo architect
Always building, and building, and making
He’s one of the reasons why I’m creating
He’s one of the reasons why I’m creating

I grew,
And I grew,
And I grew until I stopped growing in terms of height, and in terms of width
Not that I grew in terms of width
I am now seventeen years old
And from always here, he is now always never here
No more sturdy structures
No more amazing youthful adventures
All that’s left is a shadow
In most of my youth you were a shadow
I had no guide like the rest of you kids, you lucky, lucky kids
I am figuring things out alone
I am figuring things out alone

Where are you now, old man?
Your overdue stories are due today
So go home and never go away
Do sit and do say what you need to say
I will listen this time


This is all an illusion
Something I made up
I am a magician
A master of self-deception
Stirring souls
Ruining lives (mostly mine)
And the road to certainty is still something I can’t see
I’ve got a long way to go,
I’ve got to get past a ton of bullshit ahead of me

I feel nothing but extreme insecurity
They are there, and I’m still here
They’re like that, and I’m like this
And shut up, I know they are not the proper basis (not that there should be one)
But despite knowing all that,
I know I am not one bit close to my kind of proper,
And I hate it

I’m not really the hero I say I am
I’m not really the hero I say I am
I’m not really the hero I say I am
I’m not really the hero I say I am