Month: June, 2014

A Friendly Reminder

History repeats itself one way or another
It is our duty to prevent this from happening
And create something new
An exception would be a beautiful event
Eye contact
An experience only God had sent
But if it’s not anything good
Much less anything new
Then let’s stop the world from revolving
To show them all
That we’re really evolving


Don’t Look at Me

I am better unseen
I am better read
I am a poet
I use my words
I use my head
I am not wonderful
Far off beautiful
My words are all I have
And my words are all that there ever will be

I am a poet
Remember me for the beauty of my words
The singing of the birds
The cries for our ill-mastery
These words are the only beauty
Inside the boy of sane insanity

Note to self: Bliss

The insignificance of it all is astounding
What have I been doing all this time?
Where will all this lead me?
Clearly, not to where I want it to be
The constant little no’s
Collected and added to my anxiety
It’s a difficult place to be in
Yet we keep on pushing

You are not truly alive unless you fall
So work hard
And your persistence will pay off

Try to be alive
Find significance to all this
Have something to look back on that makes you feel nothing but absolute bliss