Month: May, 2014

Complete Incomplete Completes

My bones are frail
And I will crumble
This is how my body was jumbled

My heart is pure
Not entirely enlightened
I feel down to shallow reasons
I sense fear and not get frightened

This is my body
Incomplete but complete
Up until you came along
And rigged the whole feat

You are my backbone
My balance
Deliverer of clarity
It’s more than safe to say
That you are the harbinger of my sanity

Though this is still my body
More refined than ever before
Gaps filled, imperfections ignored
And just when you think all hope is lost
All of faith has been restored

This is a new vision
A next level completion
A mix of two incomplete completes
To make two completes



I know how to say no
Yet I refuse to say so
I fear for the other
And I don’t fear for myself
Yet I fear for myself
They say I’m too nice
They say I’m too weird
Who am I really?
I’m just am ordinary boy
Who himself he had feared

El Collegio

Close or a mile after?
This is a disaster
For I picked the *drumroll* latter
If only I were smart enough
I’d get to what I’m after
And now I’m mad as a hatter

Currently a brush
In the future a pen
I’ll see you all around
I’ll be doing my best until then

The Summer Effect

Selfish me!
If it’s not wanted, let’s force it not
The perfection of the olden days
Was it really perfect?
Or did my brain make it perfect?
Yes, the times were good, it really was!
The more it fades,
The more I count the days left,
The more I count the number of days since then
The more my brain makes every single thing more perfect
Every word said
Every crooked smile I get whenever I see you
Everything, it just becomes perfect
The moment when all is done,
The more I want to relive everything again
I am looking back to good memories
Painful yet happy memories
Selfish me.
If everything is not wanted anymore, let’s force it not

…or not.


Vanishing, Vanishing Point

I drew the vanishing point
And I laid down all the memories
Having fun
Having fun
Had fun

Anxiety haunts me
As I worry and fear
That the end,
Yes the end, is near

At this point, I am vanishing
Lying down
And now just a mere memory

NĂºmero dos

This may have been a whole lot worse in my head
And this could’ve been the death of me
But my heart smiles
As a far off land gives up the sun to us
And I smile
That reciprocation exists
This may have been a whole lot worse in my head
But thank God things are more than okay (and that I am not dead)

Fear | a haiku

Weird is all I have
I’ve got nothing else to give
Will you let me live?


A moment
A glance
Before the performance

A girl
And a book
Can be seen from a distance

This aura
This feeling
God has finally shown

The “one”
The blessing
And I should have known

The moment
Is fleeting
Book closed as she flew

If she had just left
I should get out of here too