Month: April, 2014

The Present is the Past of Our Future

We are living in the past
The past of our future
This is our youth
And we are living our youth
In the future this will be
What we will look back to
The things we’ve done
The things we’re doing
The things we’re about to do
In the present which is the past of our future
And if we want to look back
On days that we cherish
We must make use of every minute
Down to the second of the present
Because this will be the past in the future
That we cannot return to physically
So we got to act wisely


Last Words

You were the beginning of it all
And my, what a journey it has been
You were my first true love
And I’m here to say goodbye
You have haunted me for so long already
And I want to put an end to it
For my sake
And for yours
I loved every inch you
The singing of the birds at night
That reversed vision of an eagle
Every inch
Worth it
And there’s so much more to say
But a little more would have given it away

I better get going
Another war is coming up
And I don’t know who I’m against with yet
But I sure am glad you’ve won yours already
Now you can rest easy, kid
Until we meet again

Thanks Steve

Make the thought real
Whisper it
Say it loud
Shout it
Write it down
Paint it
Make it exist not only in your head
But to exist in everyone’s
Show them what you’re capable of
Let it out of your system
Make your thoughts real

And create hopefully something new

Nature of Acceptance | Clichemania

This might be what I’ll regret in the future
And this might sound ridiculous
But I don’t think I’ll regret it one bit
Because at that exact point in the past
It is what I truly wanted
And I’ll stand by my choice
From past,
Till the future

For that is the nature
Of acceptance:
Taking it all in,
Looking forward,
And never looking back again

Illuminate Me

I often doubt about my decisions
Do I really want this?
Is this really what’s best for me?
Should this be the thing that I’m prioritizing right now?
I just, I don’t know
I’m a mess,
I don’t know what I’m doing,
And I don’t know what I should be doing
I often say that I’m on the road to enlightenment,
Though I’m blinded as hell
I can’t stop thinking
About my existence
About my future
About my books
About my writings
About my songs
About my family
About my friends
About my friends who came and went
About my you
And I don’t feel enlightened at all
I don’t know what I want
I don’t know what I need
I just,
I don’t know
Help me, illuminate,