“Neko” Means “Cat” in Japanese

by Viktor Tejada

Did you read that aloud in your head like a cat? No? Thought so.
I wonder why.
Weird things are happening around us,
And weird things are happening within us.
Why is a woof a woof,
And a croak a croak?
You caught my eye;
From the moment you spoke.
You caught my eye;
To the moment we’ve said our goodbyes.
Why does an I like a you?
Boy, oh boy, I wish I knew.
And all of this? They are all felt within our bodies.
Our bodies, really!
This container of blood, water, and disgusting little guts;
Hard to believe it is true,
More than it just making the cut.
My brain strained,
And my mind restrained.
Are we ever going to stop learning,
When we know that the number of what can be learned might be of infinite amount?
It all seems so lucid,
Yet at the same time so confusing.
I’m overloaded,
I want to give up now.
How did it all come to this,
When all I was asking was something about a meow?