The Idea of (The World)

The world is amazingly sad
The idea of others finding happiness as I lay here sad and filled with regret
The idea of not being able to fully control people’s choices even if you know it is what’s best for them
The idea of me being selfish with the last statement I brought up
The idea that as of this moment, a lot are happy alone, happy with someone, or not even happy at all
The idea that someone in this world, had just passed away
The idea of having an idea
The idea of having an idea and putting it into words
The idea of me being the only me in this world
The idea of people having different kinds of perception
The idea of sharing the same beliefs with another individual
The idea of falling in love
The idea of falling out of love
The idea of life
The idea of creation
The idea of time travel and how people say it is possible
The idea of time travel and how people say it is impossible
The idea of having thoughts
The idea of outer space and all its mystery
The idea of your mystery
The idea of not knowing who you are yet
The idea that you might not appreciate this piece as much as the next person would

The idea of running out of ideas
The idea of

The world truly is an amazing place
So many possibilities, almost infinite
Rather, it is, infinite
And even if I am sad today
I know that I can be happy tomorrow
Or I might even be more sad
It’s amazing
I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow
I just know that anything can happen

The world is amazing, and me saying that it is amazingly sad is rather selfish. The world is amazing because it is what it is, and it does what it should do. The world is amazing because I take it as it is, and I get to do what I can do in my short period stay in it.