Month: January, 2014

I Don’t Even Know | Scrambled Thoughts #3

Maybe I can help you
Actually, maybe everyone can;
You get help even from just seeing someone you don’t even talk to
Knowing how one is seen by people
How one is something like this, and not something like that
Helps you one way or another;
Your teenage mind says that you should or shouldn’t be like this

We all control each other
one way or another

But I wouldn’t know
I’m just a fucking kid anyway



My love is here
Not really love per se but
Someone is here
Our wavelengths don’t really match
And I’ve already sealed the deal
The silence is gone and the noise is here

Just when you think happiness prevails
There is nothing but fear


Don’t fall in love with silence
It wouldn’t bother to bother you at all
And I seem to be pretty unlucky because
I want to be bothered
And I’m in love with the silence
And it gets tiring to love the silence
I’m tired
One thing I keep forgetting about the silence
Is that it will never speak to you
No reply of hope
Just a reply of nothing
How stupid of me
It’s about time I look for sound