Puzzled Puzzle

by Viktor Tejada

I don’t get it
Why do people don’t do the things they want all the time?
I mean if we could smile, why don’t we?
I guess it’s just the matter of not fitting in the puzzle of circumstance
We are pieces looking for our spot
And it sure does take time to perfect the picture
And I think the reason
Why I am not smiling is
I am a puzzle piece from a different puzzle set
And no matter what I do
I won’t fit in anywhere
And once this puzzle’s done
I would be left alone
Happy, for the completion of something beautiful
Though I won’t be smiling
Thing is, the puzzle isn’t finished yet
I don’t think it will be for a long time
And the question now is,
Am I really part of this set?
Or do I really belong here, and I’m just impatient?
For now, I’ll stay
I am going to find my spot
And again
And again
And again
I just can’t wait to smile again

I sure am one puzzled puzzle