Month: August, 2013


I took a small step down the underworld
A heaven of opposites
I can feel the sins going up my throat
And I can taste it in my spit
I don’t know what lies ahead
What’s been said, and what will be said
Won’t matter now because I’m dead
And ye, who cast me away
Shall perish one way or another
And I will find a plan, I will find a way
To trade back your wretched nights
For my unremarkable days


Untitled #3

On the search for perfection
She is hurting
She is still in pain
She never learns
To ever give up
But just keep your head up, little girl
It’s a tough ride ahead
And your stubbornness will lead you
To places you want to go to
Quicker that you’d ever imagine

Twitter Freak

Captioning the unseen
To others it may be vague and unclear
The need to be decoded
Only the smart and the close can solve it

Me We Me

I need more good freaks in my life
I need those Friday nights
To be repetitive of great randomness

I need more we

I need more time in my hands
I need those ticking moments
To be timeless and free

I need more we

I need my mind to be clear
And my heart unstrangled
So that my head and my chest
Won’t end up being tangled

I need more me

I need more me
I can’t love someone when I haven’t found myself yet
I won’t let my heart go
When I myself is someone I do not know

But worry not
I long to fix myself

I just need more me
You’ll see
And we will be