Month: June, 2013

in fear

inferior inferior
infearyoure inferior
infearyou’re inferior
infearyouare inferior
in fear, you are inferior


|||||| |

I’m not free
Far from the ideal me
Lost in insecurity
My stupid body
Let me be
Stay away, society
I am trying to change
The way you see me
So desperately
& I can’t fucking wait
for your acceptance
Just you wait, pretty lady,
These impossible dreams
Will soon come to the possible reality

Crappy writings before going to bed #2

We open and close our eyes

There is darkness

And there is light

There is the imaginary

And there is the real

The two sides of life

And I fear the day that I will only see
One side
On both sides

Crappy writings before going to bed #1

I am sixteen
I am lost
And I lack sleep
The past few weeks have been a blur
Important lines turned to unbearable murmurs
It’s hard to process
I cannot keep up
If there’s something I’d do
Trying; I should not stop
I am sixteen
I am lost
But I will find myself soon enough