Brainwashed (Fuck you, record labels)

by Viktor Tejada

Giving in to static change
Maybe things should stay this way
Wear a suit and go to work
No mutterin’ a peculiar word

The taste of this is bitter bliss
Same routine, no bullshit things

And no one can intervene with this
No one can, no one should

New ideas, let it not unfold
The new, the old, just let it be old

And these songs
As good as it may sound
These songs and writings are not me
It’s a work of them, and a bit of us
No piece is ever us
As their trust had completely turned to ancient rust

Giving in to static change
My creepy little chiseled brain
Broken down to tiny bits
Replaced with cliche and sure fire hits

I’m not happy, but I am rich
Fuck it, let’s just go with this