The Observant Ghost

by Viktor Tejada

If there’s one thing you should know about me,
It would probably be the fact that I have good eyes
I can see sometimes things that cannot be seen
Non verbal queues
A second of rolling eyes
That two seconds of awkwardness
when one is left hanging during a high five
The subtle half second pause people usually do before they lie
Those ugly fake smiles
I see more than just a blank stare in blank stares
Sometimes I see happiness within
Or sometimes despair
I can immediately tell if someone’s really into something
Or when they halfheartedly agree to do something
It’s weird, actually
I believe it is a skill you develop when you spend your time
Observing a large group of people
And not participating
Merely just watching everyone
Understanding how they move
Watching them hustle
Watching them get hustled
Seeing how they dress
Observing how they handle stress
Humans will never fail to entertain me
I talk as if I’m not one
I’ve been in the background for ages
Barely participating
I consider myself as a ghost rather than a human
And if you see this ghost behind this insanely thick human mask
And ask, “what’s wrong?”
My, oh my
You have a good set of eyes