Month: February, 2013


Battles fought and lost
The wandering soldier stays

Candles with lost wicks
Surrounded by numerous sticks
Shows that hope is gone

His mind under a mass amount of snow
He waits for a light to come
The soldier will never grow


Untitled #1

One grew tired

One is still trying

One is still tired

One is still trying

When in Doubt…

Let this be a reminder
That it will always be you

No matter how far you have drifted away from me
No matter how far I have drifted away from you

It will always be you

I know that I’m not much,
And I’m sorry

I’m burned out
Everything has been said

My “witty” jokes
Topics that can be brought up
That can extend the happiest conversation I have had in my life
Are slowly fading

We’re slowly fading

I want bring back the feeling I once knew
Back when everything was happy and new

And all that I can say for now is

That it will always be you