Month: January, 2013

Sometimes (simple rhymes)

This is the part where
The song Vagabond by Wolfmother plays
And in this scene
We will part our ways
With the screen divided into two
One for me
And one for you
And on my side
I will be doing my own thing
Without you in the picture
And on your side
You will be doing your own thing
Without me in the picture

“Cause I will tell you everything about being free”

And yes I will
Being free
Is a life where there is no

You and me


The Other

The walls have gone down
With his hands placed to her hands
The walls have gone up


There are times when
I tend to overthink
And there are times when
I dont think at all
And I just can’t seem to find
The right balance
To think normally
To think straight
But I think
That is one factor
that makes me unique
But then again
I know I’m not the only one
Who acts and thinks like this
So I guess
I’m not unique
I’m part of tens
Hundred thousands
And billions of people
Who are like that
And I know in those tens
Hundred thousands
And billions of people
I will find you
Who thinks the same as I
And we will have so much fun
But before all of that
I must find you
Wait for me,
I am on my way


I am on the razzle when I’m with you.
The nights, the small talks, the walks,

There’s not much that I can do.

It ain’t much to them as well, but it’s true.
I am on the razzle when I’m with you.


I hate my hair

It goes up whenever I comb it down
It curls up whenever I pull it down
It looks bad once you step out of the shower
It looks dry no matter what I do
It doesn’t stay neat for long

and it’ll be bad no matter what I do

and it’s been a while since everything was neat

and I don’t think it’ll ever be neat again

I hate my hair,
it probably hates me too.

Tumblr Nights

I’m warm thanks to the fan of my computer.
I’m warm thanks to my sheets.
I’m warm thanks to my coffee,
and to my ass glued to this seat.

And as I scroll down my emo Tumblr,
I quickly began to wonder,
what would my life be like
if my invisible feelings have reached her.

and my only wish,
is never to be blue,
and I can only attain that from
the warmth of me and you.

Dreams & Goals

Dreams and goals, dreams and goals.


I know that
this boy
is happy
feels accomplished
for getting what he needs
for being able to say what he really wants to say
feels successful
for being on top of everything
for having an uncountable amount of friends
who got his back
and is willing to do everything for them
no matter what

I know that
this boy
is happy

some people call him


I also know that
i may be wrong
with what he is feeling
but i don’t know

i am not him

is this what perfection really looks like?

(where are the ever-present problems?)

If so,
this so called perfection




Or maybe it does,

but not with my eyes

How strong are your eyes too see that there’s always something wrong

no matter how