Put your best foot forward then chop it off
Show me the worst sides of yourself
Only then will I love you


i magine
‘ 96
m yriad

a fterthought
f uture
r emembering
a pprehension
i nsight
d espair


i have to admit,
it gets lonely.
your multi-faceted joy
all reflecting towards me.


light flickering,
lips quivering,
a silence,
a halt.

blinded ears,
deafened eyes,
all these years,
hidden cries.

What it Means to Build II

If this is what the power of writing can do; to purify our minds and our hearts with words we never knew we could speak, then I don’t ever plan on stopping.

What it Means to Build I

I may be broken, but I am slowly taking down the crumbling walls of regret I have built around myself, replacing them with words for bricks I have arranged with such eloquence and scrutiny, as it heals and shapes me into the person I truly want to become. Maybe to build does not necessarily mean to use bricks or cement. Maybe to build can be accomplished by using a sheet of paper and a pen. If that’s the case, then maybe to build is something I’m built for.


pyrus seeds are not complete without its pear.
hope is not hope without despair.


Tell me,
am I hard to love?
For they only prance around
in the spirit of emptiness;
earning nothing but self-amusement
and the loss of opportunities
as years go by.

Tell me,
am I hard to love?
For we, the amalgamation
of one ghost,
two efforts,
and three nothings are
among our kin.
Bound by blood,
but not by thoughts,
or even the slightest bit of interest.

Tell me,
am I hard to love?
For I, who walks
along the corridors
of dreams
wearing masks
of slightly varied
is penniless,
and hurting.

Tell me,
am I hard to love?
For I am turning my back on all
the answers that would save me
from all the suffering, loss,
and despair
I wish
to erase.

Phase Card 52

I am lost.
I am faceless.
I am nothing
but an amalgamation of phases.

I am not nothing,
but I am also not complete-
ly something.

I am.
I become.
Over time,
I become something else.

Something else,
I become.
Something else,
I am.
I was.

I am lost.
I am faceless.
I am nothing
but an amalgamation of phases.


I want [to help] you.